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Miss Mitzie Trim #299164

Cotrim x Flying Starlette G.

1979 - 2004

Miss Mitzie Trim was a daughter of Cotrim. Cotrim, by Colida (ApHC Hall of Fame), was a halter, performance and race winner. She was bred by Milton S. Irwin of Oswego, Kansas. I purchased "Hominy" as a 2-year-old from JL Talley, who was a long time Appaloosa exhibitor and spokesman for the breed. Mr. Talley showed her as a yearling. Hominy was my first Appaloosa and not only taught me to ride, she taught my sister and many of our friends. Hominy went to college with me where I was able to board her close to the University where I attended. She took me and many of my friends on memorable trail rides to Lake Degray. Even after she lost her sight to moon blindness at age 16, she was a dependable mount for anyone that wanted to ride. She had such a sweet temperament and is the reason I became an Appaloosa breeder. Even though she was bred several times, regrettably, she never produced a foal. Hominy was a member of my family and is greatly missed.